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Of Andalusian origin, Gon Navarro is a guitarist motivated by a strong passion for improvised music, which transcends all standards to express themselves honestly and freely.



His influences come from styles completely diverse and odd that converge in a single concept, aiming for creating a form of art that get more close to an abstract conversation between the music and the audience than a concrete label. The staging cultivates the representation of a life without ties and stereotypes, where cohabits intensity and tenderness reflected in the compositions.


Aiming for an art form with no borders, Gon has developed a creative, pure, and honest musical language through the years, product of a wide musical crossroad between many styles and cultures, having the language of Jazz as a starting point.


Among his more important projects are his “impovised musical storytelling” duo Almost Gone who just released their first album “Live at Naima”. The Ernesto Aurignac Ensemble - “Plutón” (2020). Cristian De Moret - “Supernova” (2020). Nu - “Nu” (2019). Gon Navarro Trio - “Prosopagnosia” (2017).

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